Elm City Detective Promise

shutterstock_81556774Elm City Detectives Promises You No BS, No Run-Arounds And No Excuses… Just The Facts You Need To Make Your Case.

We guarantee you the highest level of quality and professionalism at every stage of your investigation, from your first call to Elm City Detectives, throughout the investigation, and all the way to the successful resolution of your case we promise you…

  • The ability to fight toe to toe against the overwhelming resources available to the prosecution, corporations or insurance companies, so you’ll never be on your own again.
  • Smoother plea agreements or settlements because you’ll have all the facts at your disposal.
  • The confidence that comes from of having an investigator with a history of success, so you know you’ll get the results you need.
  • Will be kept on top of all developments so you’re in the loop and surprises are kept to a minimum.
  • There’s no substitute for training or experience and Elm City Detectives bring you the best of both.
  • An attention to every detail that guarantees nothing is overlooked and no lead goes uninvestigated.
  • Whatever it takes, your case will be worked however and whenever it needs… nights and weekend are no issue.
  • We won’t just investigate your leads… we can execute all your investigative objectives.
  • Cases are fluid but we’re able to make changes on the fly so nothing is missed and no time is wasted.
  • You won’t ever get excuses… just the facts you need when you need them.