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shutterstock_97002353When You Hire Elm City Detectives to take your case you will…

  • Speak directly to owner and lead detective John Hoda and deal directly with him throughout your investigation.
  • Work with us to create a time-sensitive and cost effective game plan for your case.
  • Receive reports that are timely, concise and clearly written.
  • Never waste time explaining policy language or claims law… because we speak the language and talk the talk.
  • Negotiate from a place of strength and feel confident standing your ground because you know you have all the facts.
  • Trust your investigator has extensive court experiences and will be confident, convincing and compelling on the stand.
  • Get the results you and your client need.

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The Sooner You Give Us Your Case, The Sooner You’ll Get Results.

Don’t Bother Calling, We’re Not Interested In Taking Your Case, If You…

Don’t believe in your case or you client -We fight for the little guy and we fight to win.

Believe in results above ethics – We get the you the facts you need but we always  do it the right way.

Want to pay bargain basement prices for a third rate detective – We’re only interested in working with clients who understand the value of hiring the best to manage all the details of their investigations, uncover the key facts and find the right people… so they can win their cases.

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